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Strongi Chang Cheung


I am a parabeagle. I am the poster child of the American cultural "tossed salad"--half beagle and half dachshund, raised in a Taiwanese-American-Polish household and now living with my Chinese-American-French family, I have a breadth of multicultural multilingual experiences that I bring with me to my work at Pyrus Law. I treat all clients with the same warmth and carefully inspect their belongings for food or food-like substances. My (re)search skills are unparalleled and I can often sniff out the answers to complex inquiries while putting clients at ease.  I bring to parabeagling almost a decade of experience in IT and networking, as well as five years of experience in being a deconstruction dog. 

"I want to make sure you feel welcomed and have no food in your pockets."

I was born in Chicago and relocated to the Bay Area in 2014. I've served as the in-house parabeagle at Pyrus Law since 2017. 

In my free time, I love to eat, beg for food, and nap with my two human siblings. I love people. Outside of my food bowl, the beach is my happy place. I also dabble in modeling.


  • Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club, Mountain View, CA

  • Petco Puppy Class, Chicago, IL


  • Dog- Native Fluency

  • English- Fluent listening (unless it's negative, then I don't understand at all)

  • Polish- Conversant Listening

  • Mandarin- Conversant Listening

  • Cantonese- Beginner Listening

  • Baby- Conversant Listening