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DREAMer Deported

Pyrus Law April 20, 2017

It’s been all over the news lately– a DREAMer (DACA grantee) was deported in February despite what appears to be continued qualification for DACA. It doesn’t look like he had any disqualifying criminal or other activities and yet he was still removed because he left his work authorization in his friend’s car with his wallet. The stories say the ICE officer would not allow him to go retrieve his wallet to prove that he had valid DACA and was then coerced to sign a bunch of documents which led to what DHS is claiming was a “voluntary departure”.

In light of this turn of events, I am sending the following information to my DACA clients.
As you may have heard in the news recently, there was a DREAMer who was deported from the U.S in February. This news comes a shock and understandably brings a lot of fear and uncertainty with it.

To protect yourself, I encouraged you to do the following:

  1. Carry your work authorization card (EAD) at ALL TIMES

  2. Make a copy of your work authorization card (EAD) and give it to a documented person you trust and can contact if you are detained by law enforcement


  4. Ask for an attorney–you can always contact me if you are in trouble

This situation could have been prevented if the DREAMer had not signed paperwork to “voluntarily” leave the US, and if he had asked to speak to a lawyer.

Attached to this email are some “Know Your Rights” pamphlets– educate yourself on what your rights are during an encounter with law enforcement. Also, you may want to create an emergency safety plan with your family in case the worst happens–it is best to be prepared. Safety plan information is also included.

Our office is always open to you all. Please let me know how we can be of assistance.

Know Your Rights in Public

Know Your Rights at Home

Know Your Rights at Work

Create a Safety Plan: https://www.ilrc.org/sites/default/files/resources/family_preparedness_plan.pdf

Stay out of trouble and stay safe.