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Gratitude for 10 years!

10 Years of Pyrus Law Aug. 15, 2022

Pyrus 10 year

A decade ago, in a Peet's Coffee in Palo Alto, California I met and signed my first client. DACA had come out just two months earlier and USCIS had just started to accept DACA applications. At the time, I had been practicing immigration law for about eight months and was very much aware of how much I didn't know. What my first client taught me was that an excellent attorney isn't just someone who knows the laws, but also someone who knows their client. It's with that mindset that we've invested in our clients over the past decade, and continue to serve our clients today.

Today, I'm spending the day in gratitude reflecting on and appreciating how far we've traveled in the last 10 years. Thank you for all of you who have placed your trust in me and who have contributed to our success. I am so grateful.